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Perhaps rafting in Terengganu is not known to many people, indeed it has many rivers that are suitable for rafting activities, the best known are Sungai Terengganu, Sungai Marang, Sungai Dungun, etc.River rafting is definitely as interesting as other activities eg. snorkeling or mountain climbing. Because there are plenty of bamboo grows in the country side or rural area in Terengganu, usually bamboo will be used instead of rubber to make the raft. This adds a credit to the ‘back to nature’ feel of the activity.It is possible to do the rafting all year round and enjoy with different experience while learning different skill. During raining season where the water level is higher and is easier to move a raft then you can enjoy the scenery along the river. However due to the stronger underwater current, it is also a hazard too for you need to be more careful especially in some turning point. On the other hand, due to the lower water level and slower flow of the water during dry season, if controlling the raft is not your strength point, your raft might probably be stuck on the sand in some shallow areas and you might need to get down from the raft and push it off for you to continue the journey. well, this is a good experience that you can never get while sitting in the office.


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