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Mountain Biking


Cycling was once the pass time activity for kampong boys besides catching fish in the river, fighting spider among the fellows or climbing up the tree for mangoes. That was before the introduction of satellite channels and computer game to a simple village. Nobody in those days anticipated that cycling will become a recreation and adventure activity, more over, an international tournament in the modern days.


While the interior of Terengganu is covered by mountain range, most of the coastal roads are flat and properly sealed. Mountain biking is an activity that is newly brough into the tourism agenda in this state ever since successfully organized and introduced the world famous Tour de Langkawi international cycling tournament into this country when Terengganu was one of the cycling routes in the tournament, began from the north to the south of Terengganu.   


Unlike the East Malaysia where mountain biking is mainly carried out in trails in forests, cycling in Terengganu usually takes place in the coastal highway. Nevertheless, do not under estimate the challenges, indeed the slopping roads and the strong headwind from the ocean can be one of the great obstacles. 


Despite the fact that there are some local enthusiastic bands ride together on weekends into the ubiquitous plantation and surrounding forest, the cycling route normally covers from Kuala Besut in the north to Chukai in the south, passing by those rustic traditional villages and small towns with view of the beach. Certainly this is an alternative mode to explore this state.


It is not necessary you should go for a multiple days of biking. Sometime when the mood is here, you can easily rent a bike from the guesthouse or hostel and ride to nowhere to hunt for anything your heart wants to. Off course there are also travel agencies who organized biking packages which inclusive of accommodation.


Understand the potential of this activity especially in developing the tourism industry, biking activity is now being highlighted in the state tourism calendar and cycling tournament is organized for both the local and foreign whoever has bikes. Hopefully by then, the kampong boys’ activity will be ‘formalized’.


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