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Jungle Trekking & Camping

To trek in the lush forest in Terengganu is an extremely pleasure experience. Nearly 60% of the state is still covered by tropical rainforest, spread mainly in the interior and obviously this has prepared an excellent ready made platform for trekking or camping lovers.

Get an experienced and knowledgeable guide is important. With him, trekking is not simply walking or doing monkey climb in the jungle, but more important, along the way to the destination, besidess appreciating the mother nature, breathing in the clean and fresh oxygen in the jungle, this guide will also point to you plants or insect and tell your anything about it or chop a branch of a plant and show you how people get their source of water while in the jungle or how people communicate from one area to the other in the jungle where most of the high-tech communication devices have no chance to ‘show off’.

There are also waterfalls and streams in the jungle besides trees and of course wild life, therefore regardless you are in your expensive heavy-duty jungle boots, sophisticated trekking and camping gears or cheap Japanese slippers, it is always up to you to decide whether to have a few days trekking and camping in the heart of the jungle or just to have a weekend with family or gang to picnic besides the waterfall. Some recreational park such as Sekayu and LA Spring has already furnished with huts, BBQ fire place, changing rooms and parking area. Among the popular areas to do these activities are Hulu Dungun, Pasir Raja, Kenyir Lake, Gunung Tebu, Sekayu Waterfall etc. are among the popular places for you to stretch you limbs and let your mind goes like a monkey. Even while on the island, a short and a simple trek is always a good change after days of soaking yourself in the water under tropical sun.


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