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It is always the gateway and exit for the angling enthusiasts to find themselves in Terengganu. There are not only places to go for sea angling but also freshwater angling.


April till August every year is always the best season to throw your hook to the sea. Experienced anglers usually come in prepared. Boats are available for rental in most of the resort. During this season, regular anglers will be well equipped with cooler boxes filled with ice blocks for their harvest and just jump into the boat, all sizes fishing rods, sun block, hat, snack and sufficient drinking water etc and jump to the boat when everything has properly arranged.


Deep sea fishing is always challenging not only because of the unpredictable condition on the sea but also fishes in the sea seem to come to test your fishing skill to the limit as well as, the sophistication of your fishing equipment and of course your bravery and tolerance. It is always very hard for first timer or to have ‘fresh man’ onboard. Sea sickness is the first obstacle to be over come before talking how to pull a fish from the sea. Even so, after looking at the result from rest of the partners with full admiration, the irresistible temptation from this activity will just easily wipe off this bitter memory and you will see him making promising words as to return to sea again.


Off shore of Perhentian, Redang and Kapas islands are the popular places for deep-sea fishing trips. (Bear in mind that, don’t ever, never fish within the Marine Part waters. Fishing activities are straightly prohibited.). Squid jigging or ‘candat sotong’ is also available in some places such as Kapas Island. Learn from the local East Coast fishermen the art of catching cuttlefish using lights and multiple lines with hooks. Wow, truly a distinct mode of fishing! For the freshwater angling, various spots in Kenyir Lake and Sungai Tembeling are the heaven. Anglers will normally get a gang of friends, with everything prepared then begin their fishing adventure trip in their 4 WD and stop at camp site which is normally by the lake and start their agenda. This is especially in Kenyir Lake. Kenyir houses a numbers of freshwater fishes: Kelah, Tapah, Toman, Baung, Seberau etc. where even if you stand only by the lake, you can see from the surface of the water that fishes swimming with a leisure motion in the water. If you think you can easily catch them with any kind of net or rod, you are wrong then. You probably will be upset after trying and trying…. They are not stupid at all. Of course it is not necessary you need to be a professional like geared angler. Like any other states in the country, Terengganu is watering by numerous of rivers. Fishing, regardless whether net fishing or rod fishing is like a daily pass time activity to the people here. You might see village people standing by the river with a bamboo or branch made rod, leisurely hooking for fish when you are doing your river cruising in Marang River or just walking pass a village by the river. Well, you can do the same, just for the sake of fun and past time, why not ?


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