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4WD Adventure

The rugged terrain, lush rain forests and mountainous landscape in east coast has provided a challenging condition for the off-road driving activity. Here, the Kenyir Lake, Kuala Berang, Sungai Loh and Sungai Kelamin areas are great spots for this adventure in Terengganu. Due to this reason, the annually held Rainforest Challenge either locally or international will always count Terengganu into part of the racing route. The 4WD driving always begins from neighbouring states into Hulu Terengganu, crossing Kenyir Lake then ending the journey in Kuala Terengganu. Along this way, there are places which are named by regular enthusiastic participants in this activity, such as Predator, Terminator, Twilight Zone, Flying Fox and Bridge to Nowhere for identification purpose.

Off-road driving is a year round activity though the East North Monsoon that brings rain and thunder storm to this area and causing landslide and flood. The participants will have to overcome the obstacle of being stuck in the muddy stretches, crossing rain swollen and fast flowing river in addition to heavy rain and deep ruts. This is especially challenging and tougher if the vehicle is passing through a logging track. Although to drive in a high humidity and terrain condition always require a sound constitution and body, never ask why. Enthusiast always has out-of-mind answer for this question.

4WD adventure always ends in few days, this will means other than the enjoyment and satisfaction from driving through the vegetation, sleeping in the tent in a jungle after a day long travel is another add-on experience. Some participants will even bring along their fishing gear and try their luck in the lake or river where they set their tent. By hope, some freshwater fish will be the menu for the breakfast next day.

Other than the 4WD clubs, there are agencies organizing few days packaging tour to suit the time and other constrain of individual. Some of the packages have food, driver and camping bed included. Some provide the car rental service if you do not have one.


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