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Tenggol Island


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Pulau Tenggol is another beautiful diving getaway island lies offshore of Kuala Dungun in the southern of Terengganu. This tiny and compact island is only 45 minutes from the coastal quite jetty in Kuala Dungun. It is as small as 3km in length and 2km in width. However, this doesn’t prevent it from becoming a paradise for many people especially diving enthusiasts.


The interior of the island are steep sunken rocky cliffs. This rocky terrain extends from the interior of the island to the ocean and has created a dramatic canvas for diving meanwhile an ideal hideaway for marine life. For example in Teluk Air Tawar where the seabed will first slope gently down from the beach then a sudden drop of 90ft deep after some 600ft from the shore, creating a large spread of sloping reef on the rocky wall. Whereas in Rajawali Reef, as you dive deeper following the vertically dropped rocky walls which falls as deep as 32m, you will discover a healthy growth of encrusting corals at the bottom, accompanied by other marine fishes like batfish and black tip reef shark.


Diving in areas like Teluk Air Tawar, Tanjung Gemok and Tanjung Sarong Lang can be very challenging partly due to the strong current but also the concreted walls from the sunken wrecks lie underneath the clear blue water. However, it is still worth to try your luck here as besides calm coral gardens, you probably will have a chance to meet with humphead parrotfish, giant stingray, bat fishes, whale shark, leopard shark, schooling jacks etc. They are the usual residents here. Whale sharks are easily be seen during in certain area during August to October every year.


On the island itself, behind the sandy beach is the resort that blends harmoniously into the surrounding environment and accommodating every exhausted visitor after a long active day. To the interior of the island, it is deep forested rocky hills that make it a scenic destination for adventure seekers. The hills rising over 800ft is a good place to have a panoramic view of the island, who knows, maybe you will see turtle swimming in the sea.


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